The company

Passion for Fruit & Vegetable trade
since 1994


The passion for Fruit & Vegetables trade has been our leading power since 1994.
Starting as a brokerage agency, Due Erre soon grows its business becoming leader in the import-export around all European area; thanks to the expertise earned in the trading, lots of partnership have been engaged with some of the most important Large Organized Distribution chains, both in Italy and abroad.

Pro Attitude and Enterpreneurship

The Company flourishes from the idea of two professionals and experts in the fruits and vegetables trade: Renato Dalvit, Commercial Director and Romeo Zanotto, Managing Director.


Counting more than 2.000 products in its range, from the most common to the rarest ones, Due Erre mission is granting a complete range of fresh and excellent products, ensuring deliveries during all seasons. The main goal is doing more than what is possible to meet the Customers  needs,  offering each one of them a customized experience, thanks to our proficiency and flexibility.


Our Italian trading activity pivots around Mercato Agro Alimentare di Padova (MAAP, Fruits and Vegetables Market ), a strategic and central position in the European action ground: we are near the Mediterranean based productions and can easily supply the distribution channels in the Northern Part of Europe; we can also connect the Southern and North-Western Europe producers to the Eastern Markets. The base of operations offers a wide area for the sorting of the incoming products and a 24/7 refrigerated area grants the best conditions for the storage of the products.


The main actors for Due Erre are foreign buyers, retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets buyers and  HO.RE.CA. representatives. In order to offer the same quality experience to such different audiences, the Company is structured in four divisions:

Food, fruits and vegetables Wholesale

Since 2002 within the Padua M.A.A.P., we have created 9 exhibition booths, each one dedicated to wholesale trade of a wide variety of products, all year long. With an exhibition area of approximately 1.000 mq, we can meet any kind of request, from seasonal fruits and vegetables, national or international, to the most peculiar tropical products.

Fruit & vegetable import-export

Thanks a twenty-years experience and thanks to a 3.600 mq platform operating 24/24 h, we have mastered import and export operations for fruits and vegetables from the Producing Countries towards the North-Eastern Europe. Among the recipients Countries we can list Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia.

Large Organized Distribution Services

Within the side warehouses, we offer to Large Organized Distribution an exclusive quality control and the re-packaging of the products, based on the season.

Ho.Re.Ca. and retail channels

We offer a customized service to hotel, restaurants, catering and fruit and vegetables retailers, supplying high quality products; thanks to a team of efficient professionals, we can also grant a special custom delivery service.


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